1. LIVE your strengths & passions.

The operative word, LIVE, focuses your attention and efforts toward living, rather than merely existing and following the status quo. LIVE is an action word, a verb that calls forth activity, doing, motion and progress.

What about adding some juice to living by learning and utilizing your unique strengths, as well as identifying key passions for yourself?

Life is meant to be so much more than a scheduled routine lacking the creative spark of strength infused passions.

2. THINK optimistically.

Ask yourself: How are my beliefs and thought patterns affecting what's unfolding in my life? Coming from an optimistic and hopeful perspective, particularly in the face of challenges, can be the secret generator of inner peace, joy, happiness and abundance. Adopting and applying a can do mindset, no matter what your previous conditioning, will have a beneficial effect on your overall life outcomes (self-confidence, relationships, work performance, and societal contributions).

3. MOVE physically.

Movement is an essential ingredient to any change effort. With no movement, stagnation ensues. Progress happens as a result of forward-moving action. As most of us can attest, the human mind is on the move no matter whether the physical body is still or active. However, the quality of thoughts and emotions differ when the body is stimulated and engaged in consistent exercise. As a result, a level of mind/body/spirit integration can occur. Choosing an exercise or level of activity that will motivate you and is enjoyable is crucial for an ongoing commitment to yourself. An active, disciplined body mind creates the optimal conditions for sustained and lasting change.



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