Mary's Philosophy



 The operative word, LIVE, focuses your attention and efforts toward living, rather than merely existing and following the status quo. LIVE is an action word, a verb that calls forth activity, doing, motion and progress.

What about adding some juice to living by learning and utilizing your unique strengths, as well as identifying key passions for yourself? Life is meant to be so much more than a scheduled routine lacking the creative spark of strength infused passions.


Coming from an optimistic and hopeful perspective, particularly in the face of challenges, can be the secret generator of inner peace, joy, happiness and abundance. Adopting and applying a can do mindset, no matter how you have previously been conditioned, will have a beneficial effect on your overall life outcomes (self-confidence, relationships, work performance, and societal contributions).


Movement is an essential ingredient to any change effort. With no movement, stagnation ensues. Progress happens as a result of forward-moving action. As most of us can attest, the human mind is on the move no matter whether the physical body is still or active. However, the quality of thoughts and emotions differ when the body is stimulated and engaged in consistent exercise. As a result, a level of mind/body/spirit integration can occur. Choosing an exercise or level of activity that will motivate you and is enjoyable is crucial for an ongoing commitment to yourself. An active, disciplined body mind creates the optimal conditions for sustained and lasting change.


Research verifies that through giving to others we enhance our own sense of self-worth. Simply put, we feel better about ourselves when assisting and giving to others. Undo focus on oneself can create a sense of loneliness and isolation, whereas, human beings have a natural urge to belong. As we bond together in care for one another, we form community. A smile, a hug, or a greeting to persons known or unknown assists in drawing us out of our self-absorption into a level of human connection that is now known to boost the immune system. Commit to moving humanity beyond a highly individualized “ME” focus into a culture of “WE” that accentuates both interdependence and interconnectedness.


Having a meaning for living can bring a level of depth and purpose to one’s life, to one’s existence. By establishing a central purpose at the core of one’s life, a course is set pointing in a meaningful direction. Such a decision activating meaning and purpose will, most assuredly, impact one’s overall quality of living. However, the alternative may be to move routinely through life at a surface level in search of pleasure from experience to experience lacking the value and satisfaction of living fully and experiencing personal well-being.


A flourishing individual is optimistic, curious, positive, resilient (bounces back easily) and actively engages with the world. The verb, flourish, a hallmark of the Positive Psychology movement refers to growing, thriving, prospering and increasing in engagement with self, others, and the world. Flourishing incorporates so much more than the fleeting feelings of happiness. The human being that is flourishing is motivated to do something valuable and worthwhile with his or her life.  As a result, there is an accompanying feeling of positive self-worth and connection to others.

A joyful vitality exudes from within when one is living a passionate, strength-based life with purpose and meaning. This joy-filled individual is actively moving in physical ways and thinking optimistic thoughts while contributing to others. There is a steady stream of creativity that naturally and spontaneously flows forth from him/her.  LIFE IS GOOD!