Do I know what my top strengths are and where I could be applying them? What are my key passions and how do they show up in my life?

How are my beliefs and thought patterns affecting what’s showing up or manifesting in my life?

What is my daily consistent form of exercise or movement? What is the relationship between my mood, level of productivity, and physical exercise/movement?

Do I contribute outwardly and in what specific ways? Do I give of myself through time, money, volunteering, mentoring, consulting, moral support/listening, caregiving, or in some other form of service to others?

What gives my life meaning and purpose? What motivates me in life? How did I get to where I am today? Do I remain on my chosen course or is it time to forge a new path?

Am I experiencing a sense of inner joy and vitality? Do I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and eager to start my day? Am I energized by creative and innovative thoughts that come to me throughout my day without having to force myself into brainstorming mode? Do I have a group of people in my life who really care about me? When faced with setbacks, do I bounce back easily or do these challenges take me down for a while? Am I curious about life and love learning new things? Am I able to wholeheartedly agree that life is good?